Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about 71Proof and bartending.
What kind of training do you provide for your staff?
Coupled with their extensive experience, all 71 Proof staff are well-versed on Responsible Alcohol Service. For those new to the industry, our extensive training program includes a timed test for efficiency, recipe recall and mixology. If you or someone you know are interested in joining the 71 Proof team, enroll in our Virtual Bartender Training Certificate today!

The program consists of a five hour orientation and a five hour hands-on food service training class. All bartenders attend a two day, ten hour training session on how to work in a banquet bar setting. All experienced bartenders go through a one day, five hour advanced banquet bartending class (how to work off a table bar, as opposed to working behind a commercial restaurant bar).

Can I request a particular staff member?
We will always try to honor your requests. However, due to scheduling conflicts we cannot guarantee a request for a particular staff member. We can guarantee that you will get an extremely qualified staff member to work your event!
Does 71 Proof provide Food Service?
We are not caterers or chefs and do not have the required licenses to provide or cook food for our clients. We rely on our strategic relationships with many caterers and would be happy to recommend the caterer most suited to the type of party or event you are planning. We can still provide our world-class, professional wait-staff and bartenders to service the event.
Do Bartenders Request Proof of Age?
Yes! Please note that under no circumstances will any of our bartenders serve anyone under the age of 21. If there is any doubt, our bartenders will request proof of drinking age. No Exceptions.
What type of Beverage and Bar Service do you provide?
We can set up all types of specialty beverage events. We do not carry an alcohol liquor license to sell alcohol. The client must secure all permits required for the event. We do not own or sell alcoholic beverages.

We provide one-stop shopping for all beverage needs to include:

  • Alcohol variety and quantity recommendations
  • Liquor store locations for discount pricing
  • Table bars, linens, tubs, floor mats and protection
  • Glassware – rocks, wine, pints, martini & champagne
  • Soft drinks, water and ice
  • Setups, mixers and additional products
  • Special requests
What kind of uniform does your staff wear?

We have several uniform tops for krewe designed by our apparel partners at 7 Mile Enterprises.

For outdoor events in the Florida sun, our krewe will wear dry fit tops and jeans or khaki pants to ensure the krewe is as comfortable as possible. For outdoor events during the chillier times of year, outerwear branded with 71 Proof logos will be worn over long-sleeve shirts with black bottoms. For formal and semi-formal indoor events,button-downon down dress shirts and black bottoms will be worn by the krewe. 

What services can we expect from your staff?
All beverage service consists of complete setup of the bar, mixing and serving all drinks, and complete breakdown and cleanup at the conclusion of your event.
What do I, as the host, need to give the staff upon arrival?
For bartenders, a timeline of your event requirements and please advise of any special requests, such as toasts, speeches and last call in order to provide seamless service for your event.
What do I need to provide?
To create the best experience for you as a client of 71 Proof and that of your guests, the following things are what we ask that you provide

Beverage Alcohol Inventory (required)

Bar Setup Equipment (optional)

Ice (optional)

Coolers (optional)

Inventory Setup/Staging (optional)

For more information, please submit an Event Inquiry.

How much alcohol do I need to purchase?

We will provide you with a Suggested Inventory Consultation to help you estimate exactly how much alcohol to purchase based upon your guest count and expected budget.  This service can be purchased à la carte but is complimentary upon receipt of your event deposit. We can also help you select your beverage menu! To get the good times rolling, just schedule your Event Consultation!

How many bartenders do I need?
Per industry standard, we recommend 1 bartender for every 75 guests.
What will the bartender wear?
Based upon the formality of your event, our bartenders will be professionally dressed. This can be discussed during our pre-event consultation.
Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a non-refundable retainer will be required to hold your date. Your custom quote will provide the exact amount of your retainer as it varies based on the event details. To help us get started on developing your custom quote, schedule your Event Consultation with our capitaine, LaTanya White, the Cocktail Professor!

NB: All clients will be required to purchase their own event insurance, naming 71 Proof and the venue as additional insureds. Documentation of this insurance will be required prior to our staff setting up at your event.

Do you have time blocks or hourly minimums?

We are flexible and customize your event even down to the time. So if you need us for 2 hours or 6 hours, we can accommodate you!!

What about gratuity? How do I tip the bartender?

You may express your gratuity by allowing our bartenders to utilize a tip jar in the bar area or if you prefer, we can add a gratuity amount to the balance of your invoice. 

What will the bartenders bring?
71 Proof’s basic bar supplies kit always includes:

  • Ice scoops
  • Bottle/wine opener
  • Drink stirrers
  • Napkins
  • Napkin caddy
  • Cutting board
  • Paring knife
  • Wine/Beer Buckets
  • Hand Sanitizer

In many cases, 71 Proof will also provide the dry bar setup (6-foot tables, bar tops, linen or any combination thereof depending on the venue and client preference).

Which forms of payments are accepted?

Your custom quote will be sent through Square which can accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. All credit cards fees will be passed on to the customer. 

Are you licensed to sell alcohol?

71 Proof does not sell alcohol at the events we staff; we are only licensed to serve.

Any event operating with a cash bar (or where cash donations or tickets are required for beverage service) must have a State of Florida liquor license on the premises. If you are interested in hosting a cash bar event, you may consider partnering with the Open Book Innovation Institute, a 71 Proof preferred partner and organization focused on community entrepreneurship education, to do so. Schedule your Event Consultation so we can chat about it!

The State of Florida does not require bartenders to be licensed through the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (as many might assume) but all of 71 Proof’s bartenders have been trained to the 71 Proof standard, including Responsible Alcohol Service. All clients will be required to purchase their own event insurance, naming 71 Proof and the venue as additional insureds. Documentation of this insurance will be required prior to our staff setting up at your event.

Why should I hire a professional bartender?

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional bartender for your event. First, the bartender is the life of the party!

You definitely want somebody with experience that can make great drinks and ensure people are having a good time. Second, it lessens the possibility of people over-serving themselves at an open, self-serve bar. Also, hiring a bartender will save you tons of money because bartenders employ industry standard portion control techniques. It also takes the stress out of the event. We make sure that everything is taken care of so you can enjoy the night! Believe me, you will receive compliments all night long when you hire a professional bartender!

I haven’t heard of you before…why should I hire 71 Proof?

We are working hard to make sure that the people that need our services are aware of our reputation, our pricing model and our service packages. For the last ten years, most of our clients have been business-to-business but we gladly staff private, independent events such as birthday parties, wedding receptions and in-home events. Schedule an Event Consultation to learn more about the services that we will provide for your special event!

Does 71 Proof Provide Alcohol?
So sorry, but no we do not. Florida Beverage Law prohibits 71 Proof from providing the alcohol for your event. You may consider booking the 71 Proof Mobile Experience if you are not interested in purchasing your own alcohol inventory.

The customer is responsible for purchasing all alcohol, mixers and fruit garnishes. Take advantage of our highly-regarded Suggested Beverage Inventory, which can be customized for your event and your guests preferences, so that you know what type and how much to purchase. Request one at any time once you have booked with 71 Proof.

What About Cash Bars?

Even if your party is a private event, there are special licenses needed for you to have a cash bar. In the State of Florida, only non-profit organizations can be issued special, event-based liquor licenses. All beverage proceeds must be the sole ownership of that organization and revenues may not be split or shared with any other entity.

Alternatively, you may want to check if your caterer has been issued a Caterer’s Liquor License by the Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants in conjunction with the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. The 71 Proof Krewe will not be able to service your events needs without proof of the liquor license and event insurance if you want a cash bar.

Have more questions? Schedule an Event Consultation so we can hash them out and let the good times roll!!

How Do I Deal With Ice?

Other than the alcohol, ice is one of the most important yet often overlooked items needed for your party. If you do not want to mess with getting it yourself, ask about having 71 Proof provide ice for your event.

Please note that we do not provide ice for beer kegs; the customer is responsible for keeping the keg chilled. If you are providing ice, please provide at least one 100-quart ice chest with 50 lbs of ice per 50 guests.

Tommy Brown with Capital Ice is who we go to for all our ice questions- we ask the experts too! Give them a call at 850-656-2745!

What Are Your Rates?

You have enough to worry about, so we make sure the bar operation won’t add to that list. Our prices won’t stress you out. No matter the size of your event, we’ve got flexible pricing to match. For each of our customers, we develop a custom quote based on your specific event details- schedule your Event Consultation so we can get started!

We can help you save money in other ways, too. For example, by helping you find the best value for your money on alcohol or figuring out how much of everything you really need, our goal is to create an experience for you, your guests and your budget!

For the level of experience and service we provide, we believe you won’t find a better deal for bartending services in the area.

What’s included in the price?

• A portable bar – we’ll bring it in and set it up.
• Friendly, knowledgeable staff.
• A shopping list for the inventory we suggest – no matter your budget.
• Bar accessories, including cups, napkins, straws, wine openers and coolers.
• Post-event clean-up services.
• Continuous maintenance: clearing empty glasses and cleaning spills.
• Assistance with inventory, ordering, pick-up and returns, if needed.

Plus FREE on-site pre-party consultation on

• Party flow, layout, and bar/furniture positioning.
Number of bartenders, servers, and other staff needed.
• Glassware, cutlery, linens, and table/chair rentals.
• Catering services and menus.
• The best liquor stores in your area-and which ones deliver.
• Types of alcohol best suited to your event.
• Estimation advice for food, drink, ice, etc.
• Keeping costs down on vendor services.

What we can’t do

• Buy and transport the liquor to your party ourselves (sorry!).
• Serve alcohol to underage or intoxicated guests (obviously).
• Provide more than 40 pounds of ice (based on past experience).

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at drinklife@71proof.com or call us on 850 361 8770.
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